About IPRIS Global

IPRIS was founded in 2004 by intellectual property experts based in Basel, Switzerland.


Experts in patent renewal renewals and validations  

Our founders understood the challenges faced particularly by small and medium sized companies, universities and government technology transfer departments. They recognised the need for an IP service provider who is capable of providing competitive fee charges, at a fixed rate, along with direct and flexible expert client service support. IPRIS has focused its IP services first on the payment of patent and trademark renewals and expanded them to include the nationalisation and validation of patents.


Partnership and expansion with IP Pragmatics 

With this model in mind, IPRIS formed a joint venture with IP Pragmatics Limited in 2005 to further expand the service to the UK, Australia and New Zealand markets.


Wellspring Worldwide Inc, IP Pragmatics Ltd and IPRIS AG announce integrated IP partnership

Following an initial agreement in April 2017, IP Pragmatics, IPRIS and Wellspring announced, in January 2018, the ability for the IPRIS renewals portal and service to integrate with Wellspring’s tech transfer software for universities and IP management software for companies.

For clients using Wellspring’s Sophia Knowledge Management System or the IP Management software, the integration with the IPRIS renewals web portal enables a comprehensive solution to support the entire lifecycle of IP management and technology transfer for start-ups, SME’s, universities, and independent research institutions.


IPRIS global expansion

IPRIS has achieved double-digit growth year-on-year. Today IPRIS clients include leading universities through to small and medium-sized business across a range of technology sectors. The IPRIS service has a global reach with over 200 clients across Europe, UK, the Middle-East and Australasia. Furthermore the partnership with Wellspring and IP Pragmatics has spurred its expansion into North America.