IPRIS offers a more efficient renewals solution than using foreign associates, and a more transparent solution than completely outsourcing. We offer a real-time renewals service which gives our clients total control over their global renewals.

Transparent and fixed prices

These are fixed independently of official fee, patent maturity or country. The current pressure on corporate, government and university budgets means that managers are sourcing new ways to reduce legal and administrative spend. The IPRIS fixed fee, high value model streamlines these costs, providing managers with well-informed future budgeting and cost analysis.

Flexible client support and single point of contact

We provide an IP experienced point of contact who will be available via email or phone for specific patent case or general formalities queries. This is advantageous to both in-house IP managers and those requiring extra formalities support, at no extra cost. 

Time savings with secure online, round the clock access

The online interface draws all of your patent cases, independent of the individual patent attorney responsible, into one central portal. Clients access this page with a personal, secure login. From the online interface, the entire portfolio can be seen and simple, safe instructions to the IPRIS team are made.

Easy to handle online system

The online interface has the ability to filter and export patent lists by family, renewal date or manager. It provides an accurate and up-to-date record of your patent portfolio formalities information, which can be transformed into excel format.

Instant access to cost information

The online system provides a quote of the official fee and IPRIS service fee for each upcoming renewal 6 months in advance of the due date. 

Instant confirmation of renewal instructions

Upon receipt of the instructions by the IPRIS team you will receive email confirmation that your renewal request is being acted upon.

Invoices tailored to your internal management needs

This allows us to help simplify your administration. We can liaise with clients to tailor our invoicing to be directed at the appropriate manager within your organisation. In addition we operate a flexible approach to methods of payment for each of our clients.

Advanced notification of upcoming renewals

Email notifications can be set 1-3 months in advance of the renewal dates. This provides reassurance that deadlines will not be missed and simiplifies your internal administration. In addition notifications which do not lead to a response are flagged to the IPRIS team.

Notification of key patent office official fee changes

We aim to keep our clients informed of both techinical and official fee changes. Advanced warning in turn allows for additional savings to be made.

No installation or start-up costs

When a client transfers to IPRIS, or notifies of further applications to be placed under IPRIS control, the formalities data is automatically audited and corrected where necessary against the individual patent office records as part of our service offering. Access to the online interface comes with no additional start up fees.