Benefits of IPRIS Validation Services

Benefits for existing patent renewals clients

If you are an existing IPRIS patent renewals client, the transition to IPRIS Validation services is effortless. We already have details of your European patent applications and can assign a dedicated team member to monitor their entry into the validation phase.

You can then choose to have a notification sent directly to your inbox when a validation is due so we can collect details of the designated states and supply you with a quote. Alternatively, you can have complete control of the process through your online account where you can view upcoming validations, give instructions of designated countries and request a quote.


Cost saving

We believe in giving our clients complete transparency when it comes to validation costs so you know exactly what you are paying for with no hidden costs or unnecessary paperwork.

IPRIS has a small number of longstanding and strategic relationships with an experienced network of translation providers and local patent attorneys. Using these single suppliers has allowed us to create value savings through the high volume of cases we process.

In addition we have streamlined our internal administrative operating processes. These savings are transferred directly to our clients through a low, fixed fee arrangement and by eliminating the multiple billing stages often experienced through extensive attorney networks.


Quality and service

The translation service providers employed by IPRIS are industry-leaders in their field and are used by well-known patent attorneys and agencies. This way we can ensure that each patent is translated by native speakers of the target language and that have the relevant technical knowledge in the field of the patent.

While our automated online interface is convenient and efficient, IPRIS understands the importance of having a personal interactive service to complement the online system. Clients have a single point of contact within the IPRIS team that they can call or email directly whenever they have a question or query.

For smaller companies or individuals that may not have the benefit of internal IP expertise or a patent formalities department, IPRIS goes the extra mile. We can help you better your understanding of the renewal and validation processes, talk you through the details of the system and set up your online account to make it compatible to your needs as part of the standard service.