How IPRIS Validations Work

It’s easy to start using IPRIS validation services

All we need is your European patent application number and the designated countries and we can send you an accurate quote without delay. On receiving your instructions, we coordinate our trusted and highly experienced global network to carry out all the necessary translations, legal and administrative procedures.

If required, IPRIS can also process the translation of the claims into English, French or German before publication of the granted patent. Accuracy in terms of the technical and legal translation is then assessed by a qualified patent attorney ready for you or your attorney to file the claims at the EPO.

Using the IPRIS service means our clients continue their relationship with their existing local patent attorney for the ongoing prosecution of the portfolio whilst making significant savings at these important time points in a patent family’s life. Where required we can also work with you or your attorney’s local agents in a given country.


Our Pricing

  1. IPRIS/Agent fees - the professional fees for the handling of the process in each designated country
  2. Official filing fees - those payable to each of the relevant national patent offices of the designated countries.
  3. Translation fees – for translating the claims and/or specification into the relevant language for each designated country.



When you use IPRIS, the service does not end with the completion of the European validation. We build a relationship with all our clients and take the time to understand their patent service needs based on their current patent portfolio. You can continue to manage upcoming and future validations through an online interface and the IPRIS team can tailor your account to combine both patent renewal and European validation services. This enables you to manage your entire patent portfolio through a single online system.