Patent, Trade Mark and Design Renewals

The IPRIS team operates a client centred and high value service for the global payment of patent and trademark maintenance fees.


The IPRIS service is used by small and medium sized companies; universities, research organisations and patent attorney practices. We can give instant prices, and you can instruct the team to renew just one case or thousands of cases with a single click. IPRIS is particularly beneficial to organisations currently using associate attorneys to pay their foreign renewals or those managing renewals in-house.

We operate as a single supplier with benefits such as invoicing and reporting in your currency. This helps to raise your IP management efficiency and reduces administration. The IPRIS business model is based on the large volume of renewals we handle which enables us to offer you competitive prices, combined with first class client engagement and support.

To explore further how the service can help you and your organisation, please read about our benefits.

We know it is important for you to understand exactly how it works. For more detail about how our service operates please visit our FAQs.  

Our clients use a simple and intuitive online system to instruct their renewals. Learn more about our online system.