PCT National Phase Entry

The overall costs of nationalisation can be extremely high however, up to a third of costs incurred are unnecessary administration charges and unanticipated patent attorney costs.


IPRIS makes it more manageable. It offers you a lean, tailored and cost effective nationalisation service that works seamlessly with the services of your patent attorney.


Entry into the national phase

PCT National Phase Entry, or Nationalisation, takes place in most countries 30 months from the date of filing of the priority application. At this point, the PCT application is converted into separate national applications in the designated countries.

The national applications are translated into the official language of the country and local representatives are appointed to file the translations and pay the official fees at the respective national patent offices.

In the case of a European patent application, the PCT application enters the regional phase and continues on to the validation phase on grant of the European patent. See the European Validation page for more details.


After entry into the national phase

After the PCT application has entered the national phase, the separate national applications will undergo patent prosecution in all the designated countries.

In each country an Examiner will assess the patentability of the invention and provide their opinion on it in the form of an Office Action. The local patent attorney (local representative) reviews the Office Action and provides you with suggested amendments or comments and reply to the communication from the Examiner.

This process may be repeated several times until the Examiner is satisfied that the patent application fulfils all patentability requirements. The patent will go on to be granted subject to the relevant fees being paid.